Greasy hair can ruin the best of days, making the prettiest outfits look lifeless and your face look flat even when you are well-rested and free of any breakouts. For some of us, greasy hair is very common, making every other day a bad hair day.

There are many reasons your hair can get greasy quickly, and many of them are easy to avoid, but we simply don’t know about them. Here are some possible reasons why your hair is greasy and how to avoid this from happening any longer.

1. You are brushing or combing it too much

When the teeth of your comb consistently hit the scalp, it stimulates the scalp and results in excessive production of oil. While some amount of natural oil is necessary for the health of your hair, too much can obviously make your hair greasy and make it look limp and lifeless.

Avoid brushing or combing your hair unless you have to, and if you have flyaways, tame them with your palms and use some hairspray.

2. You are washing your hair too often

Shampoos, no matter how mild or even organic, contain a certain amount of chemicals which enable them to wash off the gunk and build-up in your scalp. These chemicals can be harsh on your scalp if you wash your hair too often and either trigger the production of oil at the scalp or completely dry it out, leading to dandruff and dryness. Wash your hair not more than three times a week, and consider conditioning your scalp with hot oil or a deep conditioner one to two times a month.

3. You are using the wrong products and tools

When was the last time you washed your comb with soap and water? The dirt, oil, and hair products you use can collect on hairbrushes, combs, straighteners, and curling irons. These get transferred back to your scalp every time you use them and cause your hair to become greasy.

Wash your combs and clean hairbrushes once in at least two weeks. Ensure you wipe clean your styling tools with rubbing alcohol to sanitize them.

4. Your hair needs a detox

Sometimes the hair needs deep and intense rejuvenation, and we do not know it. Heat treatments and styling, dry shampoos and styling moose, hair spray and other products can affect the hair in multifold ways. It may block the pores on the scalp, clog the roots of hair, or form a thin film across the length of the hair upon repeated use. All of this can make the hair lose its shine, affect its texture and quality, and more.

Use a clarifying shampoo to detox your hair and avoid this from happening. Getting a haircut and laying off color treatments for a while can significantly help improve the texture of the hair.

These tips are simple but can be easy to miss if you are not reminded once in a while. Cultivating better hygiene habits and paying attention to your everyday behavior can help you avoid greasy hair and rock voluminous locks any day.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist