In this fast-paced era of globalisation, while increasing availability of consumer goods has made our lives easier, a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle has also given rise to many serious diseases. Prominent among these is ‘Diabetes’.

As per the statistics of Diabetes Canada, 11 million Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes, every 3 minutes, another Canadian is diagnosed with diabetes while 1.5 million people are living with the disease and they don’t even know it.

The figures are alarming and they demand our immediate attention. To avoid and get rid of this disease which is the root cause of other serious diseases, you need to be aware of certain factors that can put you at higher risk. These include family history of diabetes, overweight, highrisk ethnic group lineage, gestational diabetes, high cholesterol/triglyceride levels and high blood pressure. In case you fall under any of the categories mentioned above, detect/ rule out the ailment by undergoing a simple blood test. Routine diabetes screening normally starts around age 45. If any of the above factors doesn’t relate to you, look for other signs/ symptoms such as unusual thirst, frequent urination, extreme fatigue, blurred vision, recurring infections, unexplained weight changes, slow healing of cuts and bruises, and tingling or numbness in the hand following which, you should seek medical advice of a physician without any delay. The disease can affect the patient in two forms: Type 1 -a total lack of insulin or Type 2 – body’s inability to use insulin effectively. As already stated, diabetes can in fact lead to other serious diseases. Thus, it’s vital to control it by undertaking some simple measures. By changing the way you eat, and adding regular exercise into your routine, you can lower your glucose levels and keep your weight in check. Besides, you need to regularly monitor your glucose levels, take prescription medication and manage your lifestyle by reducing stress levels and keeping your blood pressure in check.

We very well know that life insurance is an immensely useful asset which can help our family financially if we are not around them to provide income for their sustenance. The detection of diabetes can seem a major concern especially when sometimes; life insurance coverage is denied or, offered at a higher rate of premium if any serious medical issue is detected during life insurance medical examination. However, as a matter of relief, even if you have you diabetes or other health issues, you still can get affordable life insurance coverage under ‘No Medical Life Insurance’- an innovative plan introduced by Canada’s prominent life insurance company. What makes this insurance option ‘unique’ is the fact that you can get life insurance coverage at a reasonable rate of premium without undergoing any medical examination. Thus, it saves you from the worry of a secure future of your near and dear ones even if you are suffering from any serious disease. To avail the benefits of this amazing insurance option, consult an experienced financial advisor without any delay.

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