All of us have an arsenal of our best sarees for the most important events and occasions where we must steal the show. But sometimes even our best pieces need to be jazzed up to match the occasion so we do not become one of the many people in the crowd, but we can actually stand out.

At times like these, we can style our traditional sarees in some out-ofthe-box ways to bring in that much needed element of surprise. Here are some ways you can spice up your sarees during special occasions.

1. Ditch the blouse

The traditional blouse can look boring if you don’t mix it up; break out a short t-shirt or a crop top for a modern and casual twist for your favourite traditional saree. Match the colour and print, you can directly draw inspiration from your blouse for these elements. If you are feeling frisky you can be more experimental and try a bralette under the saree for a super sexy look.

2. Belt it

This hack not only makes your saree look brand new, it also helps accentuate your body. A belt is an unexpected twist on a saree which gives your favorite six-yards look fresh. By putting a belt around the waist on top of the pallu, it brings out your curves and makes you look taller as well.

3. Lungi style

The modern woman much prefers her pants over skirts, and everyone’s favourite saree must be amended to match this change in taste. There are a few ways to take the traditional saree and make it look mod and androgynous. This can be done by wearing your saree like a lungi in the Maharashtrian style. Alternatively you can wear a pair of leggings or pants under your saree in place of a petticoat and drape your saree short in length to show off what is underneath.

4. Lay it like a lehenga

To wear your beloved saree as a lehenga, pleat the length of your saree and tuck it into your petticoat. This will give a fuller, more skirt-like appearance to your saree. You can go around and use your entire saree to create this skirt, or you can use the pallu to hang on your shoulder from the back for an even more interesting look.

5. Draped like a dress

For a very modern and chic look, you can drape your saree in a very non-conventional way. To do this, you can wrap the pallu around your neck like a scarf to achieve a halter dress look. You can also skip the front pleats altogether to give the body of the saree a fish-cut look.

With these tricks you can completely renew your saree and make it look like a brand new piece of clothing that will turn all heads at every party, all you have to do is be adventurous!

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist