Why is it just studies that we should focus on when it comes to bringing up a child? As the kids grow, along with studies, extra-curricular activities play a vital role. There are seemingly various options and activities to get your kids excited about, from soccer to music and painting to dance. So, the question arises, how are children be benefited from such activities? Here, I have listed some reasons, that why should kids participate in activities, beyond the matter of the fact, just to list it on their CV.

Extracurricular activities can foster an open mind

These activities will provide an opportunity for the kids to explore the environment that they will not be able to encounter at home or even in school. Once they step out often and interact with different kinds of individuals, they will be exposed to new ideas and interests and may indulge in innovation, creation and many such facets. It is also a very great way to encourage curiosity. Researches have indicated that volunteering and community service broadens a child’s perspective of the world.

The perks of extracurricular activities just not include building relationships but also thinking and leading a path for their future. Indulging in activities after-school is great way for kids to spend time in a non-academic environment with their peers. This will allow them to build optimistic relationships at a common space with others, and that too, when they share a mutual interest. Such extracurricular activities may even allow the kids to develop a keen interest in some of them and may lead to a greater career opportunity.

Children can enhance interpersonal and work abilities beyond their familiar ‘zones’

Getting into extracurricular activities not only enables them to experience fresh and fun things, but also assists them to create significant life skills. For instance, during these actions, the relationships they construct will teach them how to work with different individuals and how to work within a team.


The capacity to maintain a longterm commitment is another significant aspect of indulging in extracurricular activities for kids and teenagers. If your 12-year-old is on a field hockey or rugby squad, they will rapidly discover that they depend on the remainder of the squad to be there for seasonwide practice and matches. As more will children say, they commit themselves for a period to this activity. If they don’t keep up with their agreement, they will undoubtedly hear from their colleagues and maybe even educators about it. Such an activity that demands a strong commitment like this from kids, it will certainly be a great learning experience and to be able to take responsibility for what they have signed up for is again a very significant life lesson.

Need ideas for extracurricular activities? Here is a list to start you off!

If you need something new and exciting for your children to participate in, try looking into programs at your local recreation center. You may discover an introductory program to a distinctive sport or an activity that you would never have found otherwise. Here are some ideas of activities to get you started:

  • Rock climbing, trekking etc.
  • Gymnastics
  • Robotics club
  • Cultural dancing
  • Water sports
  • Soccer, swimming, basketball etc.
  • Volunteering at a local animal shelter

Extracurricular activities are an excellent way to balance the educational life of your child and to teach them a lot of significant abilities during their formative years. Just make sure you don’t overdo it; getting into just one or two extracurricular activities can do all the trick!

Navjeet Nijjhar