The untold saga of a cinephile


He is a local treasure that has been based in Canada for many decades. Although, he has travelled across the globe and secured various acting stints across many genres, he found his home, heart and soul in British Columbia. B K Singh Rakhra, an accomplished actor who has played many prolific roles on both, the small and the big screen is nothing but a treasure of talent.

He immigrated to Vancouver from India in 1974 and joined Punjabi theatre as he arrived. At the age of18, he grabbed his first role as the second lead in a Punjabi play Ratta Sallu directed by Yograj Sedha. The play had 3 full house shows in Vancouver in 1974. Director Yograj Sedha was part of well-known director Harpal Tiwana of Patiala Rang-Manch drama group. He was an actor and director with them for many years.

Rakhra acted in many revered Punjabi plays and such as Hind di Chader, Sharbatti, Hawai Gole, Kursi Morcha Te Hava Wich Latakde Lok, Dooja Passa, Komagatamaru, Dhalde Parchave etc. to name a few.

He has acted in many Punjabi movies like Jindua, Sardaar Ji, Stupid 7, Manje Bistre 2, Killer Punjabi, Masla Roti Da etc.

He has acted with well known Punjabi drama directors such as Harpal Tiwana, Rang-Manch Patiala, Yog Raj Sedha, Gurshran Singh of Amritsar Nat- Kala, Mohan Bagan, Gurdeep Bhullar of Gurdeep Arts in Surrey, Ajmer Rodey and Bholi Grewalson.

His portfolio not just includes working with the renowned directors from Pollywood, but he has also worked in Hindi cinema in movies like Aisi Deewangi, Solution and Ahsan. His presence can even be seen in many popular music videos by Punjabi singers like Jasmine Sandlas, Garry Sandhu, Gurnam Bhullar, Jag Bajwa, Miss Pooja, Mankirat Aulakh etc.

Having produced and codirected a short film, The Student, (2017), he even has experienced working in the English cinema and television industry as a lead as well as a supporting actor.

He is a successful actor who has had the opportunity to work with well-known Hollywood directors like Brad Turner, Martin Wood, Tony Pantages, Jaffrey Hunt, Jay Chandrasekhar, Jeff Ridout, D J Parmar, Luca Brancot, Debra Burns, Garnet Campbell, Tin Pik Lau, Cody Fennel, Daniel Labossiere, Robin Ashmore, Rob Kelley, Jean Francois Depress etc.

With such an extensive acting portfolio in a variety of genres and languages, B K Singh Rakhra has been able to accomplish a feat that very few South Asian artists have been able to. He has successfully crossed over into mainstream cinema while representing his culture and roots simultaneously.

Rina Gill