Michelle Williams finds joy in dancing


Entertainment Magazine’s News Desk || IANS || September 30, 2019

Actress Michelle Williams says she has found “unexpected amount of joy” through dancing.

Apart from “Brokeback Mountain”, “Blue Valentine” and “Manchester By The Sea”, she is known for “Cabaret” and essaying role of celebrated dancer and actress Gwen Verdon in “Fosse/Verdon”.

“I danced a little bit as a kid but not anything to write home about. And then all of a sudden, the last decade, it just keeps coming up for me. It is a place that I have found an unexpected amount of joy, and so I keep wanting to return to it,” Williams said.

“And it feels like something that is being built on. So, to have had a little bit of that training going into this and a little bit of vocabulary that I already knew, it has been really helpful. But this is just the next level of degree of difficulty,” she added while talking about “Fosse/Verdon”.

Williams along with Sam Rockwell is seen in “Fosse/Verdon”, which narrates the story of director-choreographer Bob Fosse (Rockwell) and actress-dancer Gwen Verdon’s troubled personal and professional relationship. It is currently streaming in India on Hotstar Premium.

Breaking down the career of Gwen, Williams said: “There’s this big gap in her career that was intentional because she wanted to stay home, and she wanted to be a mother, and she wanted to be present for her daughter Nicole. It was something that we all struggle with as working mothers. It’s a very complicated dilemma. But the other thing that she faced in her career, which is different from what I will face in my career, hopefully, is that as a dancer, there comes a point when you can’t do what you used to be able to do.

“And, you know, as an actress, my path, hopefully, will be different than that. So, that was the thing that slowed her down, but then she metamorphosed her career and starting just doing more acting, which you saw later in her — just playing roles. So, it was just a pure matter of physicality and some of it was a matter of wanting to devote herself to being a mother,” she said.