For many youth, the opportunity to play on the same field as the professional athletes seems far-fetched, but for some lucky students this dream became a reality as they set foot onto the field at Tom Binnie Park. A Flag Football Tournament supported by the BC Lions was organised on August 17 at Tom Binnie Park, the home of BC Lions practice facility. Andrew Peirson from Kingston, Ontario was also on site to help guide and coach the young students present.

“The BC Lions Football Club is proud to support the Kids Play Foundation in their efforts to help kids make positive choices and avoid the pitfalls of drugs, gangs and violence. The power of sport is transformative instilling qualities like leadership, teamwork and confidence. These are life skills that everyone can benefit from,” said Jamie Taras, Director of Community Partnerships, BC Lions Football Club.

Founded by a law enforcement officer, Kal Dosanjh, the idea of the setting up an organization occurred as he witnessed the high numbers of youth engaging in criminal and drug activities from an early age. So, Kids Play is a community organisation that aims to keep kids in B.C away from the life of crime through its various sports programs. The foundation has served over 60,000 youth through their free programs and distributed over $65,000 in scholarships

As per Kal Dosanjh, the goal of their programs is to build a long lasting relationship with youth at an early age so that a sense of community, safety and integrity becomes wellentrenched values.

“Developing such relationships early is critical to steering youth to make positive life choices. Sports, and this event in particular, is a fantastic way to build that bridge. This event provides a sense of community, a great opportunity to build friendships, and the ability participate in a unique experience for children who may not otherwise get the chance,” said Dosanjh.

Written By : Neesha Hothi