When the stress from school, work, family and the girlfriends becomes too much to handle, we all need a little something to unwind. Studies show that stress is not only a cause for mental discomfort, but it also affects the body, thereby leading to muscle cramps, sore joints, chronic headaches, and more.

When you have had just about enough and you know you have to revive, rejuvenate and destress, a spa might be the right treatment for you. And with so many kinds of spas, you are certain to find one that is just the fit for you.

1. Volcanic Mud spa

In a volcanic mud bath experience, you are wrapped in a thick layer of mud and then allowed to relax. The mud itself creates a sauna like casing around your body, and as you sweat, all the toxins from your body are released and absorbed into the mineral-rich mud, leaving your body fresh and detoxicated.

High quality volcanic mud may be imported all the way from Colombia, Costa Rica, and other volcanic regions due to which the natural volcanic mud can range from coarse, sand-like granules to fine soil depending on where it is sourced from, and this affects how it benefits your body. As you spend time experimenting with this spa you will discover which is your favourite. The Volcanic Mud treatment improves metabolism, and helps relieve pain in the muscles and bones among other things.

2. Seaweed spa

Seaweed spa utilises the natural absorbent Alginate present in the sea weed, which combines with toxic impurities like mercury, lead, and other pollutants to remove them from your pores. It is no wonder that seaweed or kelp is used in many of your favourite beauty products, because the benefits of this ingredient on your skin are endless.

Seaweed spa treatment is great for you since it contains many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids which boost skin repair and thus aiding anti-aging, and keep the skin well moisturised and rejuvenated. It has soothing properties for the skin as well which is why it is recommended in case you have any chronic skin diseases, rashes, sun burns, and even rosacea.

3. Aromatherapy focused spa

Aromatherapy focused spas are extremely relaxing for you, owing to the proven benefits of aromatherapy such as relieving stress, managing psychiatric disorders and depressive episodes, reducing headaches, and helping the mind focus.

This spa treatment is very relaxing as it involves massages with essential oils, scented candles, and occasionally hot stones to further help relieve stress from your body. The aromas used may range from floral fragrances like lavender or rose, to yummy fragrances like rich chocolate and pure vanilla depending on your preferences.

4. Matcha green tea spa

Matcha green tea spa is perfect for you if you are looking to improve your skin. Matcha is known for its benefits on the complexion, making it more radiant, and reducing spots and signs of aging. Matcha is a great exfoliating agent while also being completely organic and thereby mild on the skin.

The properties of Matcha are quite similar to clay, and this treatment can help treat inflammation and oily skin, and in some cases it may also help with acne and scarring. You can never go wrong with a Matcha spa!

5. Acupressure and massage spa

If you suffer from chronic pain, muscle aches, and stressed tendons, then acupressure massage spa will turn out especially beneficial for you. The primary focus of this treatment is to alleviate the stress trapped in muscles across your body. The massage also enables proper blood flow through the body, helps release endorphins, and agitates the nerves on the surface of the skin to be more receptive.

Acupressure therapy uses traditional Asian medical theories to work on special acupoints that are interconnected through the body, thereby helping improve the functioning of all vital organs. The treatment helps maintain the balance between yin (negative energy) and yang (positive energy) within your body.

By ensuring you take care of both your mind and body, you can improve the quality of your life and continue to enjoy every moment.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist