Have you ever noticed that when you hear your favorite song being played somewhere, there’s a sud- den urge to sing along? Sometimes, listening to a track even brings a smile on your face. Many of you would agree that listening to your favorite music gives a calming sensation to your mind & soul and even uplifts your mood at times. That’s the power of music.

We might not realize it, but music is no less than a therapy. It has often proved to improve the state of our mind, body, health and soul. Music influences our emotions and thus some simple, yet powerful notes have the power to change the way we feel. Researches have proved that music used in differ- ent ways can help in recovering patients after surgeries. Not only that, it has even been proved that a simple musical piece can help in improving our focus and concentra- tion by activating certain parts of our brain.

The power of music is so strong that it has end- less benefits on our physi- cal and mental health conditions. However here we are going to focus on 3 major benefits that music has on your body and soul.


Remember that scene from the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots where the dean of the college (Virus) plays an Opera every time he wants to have a seven-minute power nap? It is no secret that listening to classi- cal music especially, gives a relax- ing effect and proves to be a great stress reliever. Some good musical numbers can divert your mind from stressful things and activities and would enable you to feel more posi- tive. If you want to keep all frustra- tions away, listening to your favorite music can be an ideal option.


Have you even noticed that sometimes even when you are listening to a song even after years, you magically know the lyrics? It has happened with me and I was wondering how is this even possible? But it is. Many researchers say that one of the surprising benefits of music is that it has positive effects on your memory. Not only it activates your brain but improves your memory to a great extent. It is proved that soothing music patterns works well for activation of left and right parts of your brain that are mainly responsible for retention/memory. This activation and progress of brain functionality enables you to process, store and retain more information in your brains. Moreover, as you listen to music, you may be able to recall some key information that may be linked to that particular song. People who listen to music or learn to play any musical instrument have sharp brains and mental health. We may not be talking about loud music, but some relaxing classical or easy numbers can improve our concentration and focus level.


When it comes to music, everyone has different likes and dislikes and thus we cannot say that particularly what type of music would amuse you or would make you feel good but researches and experiences show that any kind of music that gives you pleasure while listening to would affect your mood. So if you are experiencing a tough day or things around you seem negative, better listen to a piece of music that you will enjoy most and you will surely feel happier.

There is much more that you can reap from listening to music or by learning music. Improved physical and mental health, reduced ef- fects of pain, improved memory, enhanced focus and prevention from diseases are only few out of many benefits that music offers. Listening to music makes you more controlled person, eases up difficult times and it promotes ones’ well- ness.

Nikita Sharma
Freelance Writer/
Blogger/ Content