Talent or a high IQ is an inborn gift to a person by Almighty. There are unlimited number of people who fail to use their tal- ent, up to the brim. But a win- ners’ edge- being not in a gifted birth- is in the right type of attitude which brings enduring success. Self made people know that and know it very well.”

“People become, a doctor, an engineer, a pilot, a scientist, a teacher or an entrepreneur et. al. With sincerity of purpose and honesty of commitment, those, who just hang in there and never give up- taste suc- cess after success. So appro- priately, find out what is your talent and just stick with your talent. Your talent will guide your passion. Make your pas- sion your profession and I assure- you’ll get there- man, where Mr. Balraj Mann is.”

As I entered in his cozy office, during mid morning, I was in front of a man- the Chairman of the BMGroup- who was busy in his intra day schedule and doling out instructions to his fellow men. After exchanging bare courtesies, I settled for a pep talk. Though he looked cool, calm, composed and col- lected from a close look, yet I saw his conscious mind making intra day decisions.

During my initial confabula- tions, this 5’-9” Sagittarian informed me that he was born and grew up in Punjab India. He lived and studied there up to 15 years. Being a Jatt [farm- ing community] they used to live on the farmland, as his rev. dad was a fulltime farmer, which happened to be the family profession.

He came to Canada, when he was in his 16th year. His pas- sion guided him to pursue his education in Civil Engineering. His aim was to venture into Construction Industry, once experienced, as an entrepre- neur. To achieve so, he was clear that, he needs to know the trade as well as the tricks of the trade. To achieve so, en- ergetically, after completing his Engineering qualification, he started doing related jobs with various concerns of interna- tional repute.

As they say when opportunity meets preparation success happens. With 15 years ex- perience under his belt in the associated field, it was in the year 2001, that he made the first move as an entrepreneur by buying partnership in Metro Testing Laboratories.

It was in the year 2006, that he took a right turn and en- tered the Land Development business – an offshoot of Construction Industry. He did his homework very well, in the light of the fact that, with immigrants thronging daily for permanent pastures, sales will not be an issue. His well made plan paid off. This talented entrepreneur did not look back, there after. By ploughing back, the revenues earned, he took over many running concerns in succession and now have a huge assemblage of concerns under his belt. Presently, his BM Group comprise of follow- ing enterprises running suc- cessfully:

• ACTES Environmental Ltd.

• BMG Infrastructure Inc. BMG Investments Inc.USA

• BMG Real Estate Contech Services Inc. USA

• Dallas Watt Demo Ltd. • Manorlane Homes Inc.

• Mann Testing

• Laboratories Ltd.


• MIL MIL Properties Ltd.

• PENMAT Contracting and Project Management Ltd

• POLYCRETE Restorations Ltd.

• POLYCRETE Restorations India Pvt. Ltd.

• RMX Logistix Ltd.

• TEK Roofing Ltd.

• Urban Sawing & Scanning

• Yard At A Time (YAAT) Concrete Ltd.

His present business is core family owned. He is ably sup- ported by his son Mr. Milan Mann. This father- son duo, is the think tank of this group with unflinching support from other family members. On hobbies front, being a philanthropist, he loves doing Social Work. He is serving as:

• Director of Surrey Board of trade Surrey

• Director of Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation Langley

• Director of KPU Foundation

• Charter member of SIKH Research Institute

• Past Vice President of ICRI

• Founding Member & Past President of SPEAT BC

Having somewhere to go, the first choice is home. Having someone to love, family is the top- notch priority. And having both is a blessing indeed. On family front, Mr. Mann is ably supported by his wife Jasbir Kaur and studious daughters – Michelle an Optometrist and Deepika, an aspiring Dentist. As per him, his sweet natured better half, is the motivating force behind the success of this family owned business. He has- tened to add that, the blessings of his parents and well wishers are also worth mentioning.

His idea of relaxation is to work still hard but on the sidelines, he relaxes himself, by doing Social Work, watching Sports, Hindi and Punjabi movies plus spending time with his children.

With all the base work done, everything being in place, I fervently feel, the future of BM Group is indeed exciting. Let us wish them a scintillating success.

Prof. Surinder Kochhar (Shaun)
LPN, FCN, M.Com, CAIIB, DIM A freelance writer with 36 Years Exp. A Health Coach of University of Victoria