Have you ever indulged yourself in yoga prac- tice? or Yoga based exercises. Well, if your answer is yes. Then, I am proud of you as you guys are well aware of the benefits of yoga. And, if your answer is no. Then, this blog is especially for all of you.

As we’re gonna discuss yoga, let’s just start it with a simple yoga technique. Take a deep breath and inhale. Pause for a second and then exhale. Just experience how you feel right after this yoga pose. You might have a feeling of instant relief from your worries and your mind may get re- freshed, say for a second or two. Imagine, if this single practice can benefit us for a second then how much the whole yoga ses- sion for about 1⁄2 or 1 hour can do wonders for us?

We at MJ physio use yoga based exercises to improve your flexibility and get the physical benefits of yoga. Our experi- enced Physiotherapist Mr. Ram has completed his PG Diploma in Yoga therapy along with his specialization in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Being a Masters in Physio and using latest tech- niques like IMS/Dry Needling Mr. Ram at MJ Physio Clinics ( Fraser Street Physio Vancouver , and Bear Creek Plaza Physio – Surrey ) explains the importance of yoga based exercises to enhance the healing of injuries.

Yoga is a form of therapy done to ease your spiritual, mental and physical health since ages. With the passage of time, practitioners have discovered a number of health benefits of yoga. Yoga is very effective in burning calories and strengthening muscles while relaxing both body and mind by focusing on your breathing. When Yoga and yoga based exercises are administered at the right stage of rehabilitation it as- sist in complete recovery of your injuries . Additionally if done with guidance and supervision of a yoga therapist , you can minimise the incidence of injuries.

Let’s take a glance at the physical benefits of yoga Yoga offers tremendous benefits to mankind. It’s various kind of poses are immensely helpful in myriad health problems like back pain, headache, arthritis, insom- nia, high blood pressure, weight loss, indigestion, breathing prob- lems, and many more.

This is not the end of the physical benefits of yoga, it also proves to be useful in increasing flexibility, improving posture and blood cir- culation, increasing joint lubrica- tion, build- ing muscle strength and tone, restor- ing energy and vitality, improving respiration function, balancing metabolism, improv- ing athletic performance, reducing pain of injury, and improving cardio health.

Now have a look at Mental benefits of yoga

Yoga is an- other name of meditation as it involves some of the meditative practices to relax and purify your inner soul and mind. It could be said that it aids in achieving emotional balance through detachment. For doing such prac- tices, you need a quiet & calm place where your concentration can- not get broken and you may get deeply involved in it. This creates an aura where you have no con- nection with the worldly affairs and you attain inner peace.

The ultimate goal of yoga is a self-realization, as per the tradi- tional yoga practitioners. There are countless mental benefits of yoga that it offers to us such as stress management, improved concentration, positive outlook towards life, self-confidence, more focused, etc. With its huge impact on our over- all health, yoga should be made the part & parcel of one’s life as it can keep medicines at bay.

I hope this information might be useful for all yoga lovers as well as for those who are thinking to start yoga.

Krishna Jeeja