It is likely that one can spot any difference between fashion and style as both are more or less correlated. Both terms are interchangeably used for each other but there’s one major difference between the two. Fashion is disposable while style isn’t because it is your personal choice. Before finding out more differences between fashion and style, let’s understand what the terms mean, and how you can up your fashion quotient by chang- ing your style!

Fashion for the fashionistas

Fashion is anything that’s ‘in trend’ at the moment and doesn’t last for too long. It puts one in a comparison mode, where one wants to look like everyone else. The inspiration to purchase clothes that are in fashion comes from magazines, runways, and celebrity outings. They are not the most sustain- able as they are designed for the moment, which makes them very expensive. Fashion changes every season and is always out of the ordinary.

For the style divas

On the other hand, style is personal and unique to ev- ery person. It represents the personality of an individual and is something that everyone is comfortable in. The choice of style or clothing lasts for a long time as it gives one confidence and charisma, which in turn makes you attractive to those around.

Up, close & personal

Now that you know that fashion and style stand for two differ- ent attitudes, a clear differenti- ation will help you glam up your style and wardrobe too-


Fashion is a product of a designer’s imagination and is meant to be accepted by the society, whereas style is accept- ed only by a specific or niche group of people. It is all about identifying yourself with a fash- ion trend of the past, which you chose to continue even after new ones replaced it.

Today’s world emphasizes on fast fashion forcing custom- ers to spend more money of clothes, only to impress those around you and win approval. Brands like Zara, Forever 21, and H&M have embraced fast fashion and produce over 100 micro trends every year instead of two to four major trends every 12 months.

Pace of change

Both, style and fashion, change over time but style lasts for a long time and isn’t affected by latest fashion trends. Fashion changes every season and is inspired by the season’s colours and styles. It is designed to take away our attention from your- self, which eventually bores you out, so you move on to a new fashion trend next season.

Quality of materials used

Since style is meant to be sustainable and used for a long time, the materials used are of a superior quality. The clothes are well-designed and well- made, which makes them more expensive compared to fast fashion products. Even though price isn’t the best way to judge the quality of a clothing price, setting your budget per item controls your urge of impulsive buying.

In the long run, sustainable products are more affordable in the long run. Fast fashion is cheap, which encourages us to purchase clothes often but they aren’t well-made and never con- sidered equal to being stylish.

Hit by environment

The fast-paced fashion industry is the sec- ond most polluting industry in the world. People throw clothes as soon as they buy them and drives your fo- cus away from your true style. Apart from the negative envi- ronmental im- pacts including endangerment of aquatic life and water pollution, fast fashion nega- tively affects the society. If a person isn’t fashion aware, they get bul- lied and forced into spend- ing money on something they don’t want. Wear clothes that make you comfortable and confident and you will always be in style.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist