While you are busy enjoying summer pool parties and travelling around the world with your friends, don’t forget to take care of your skin. It can get oily and pigmented because of humidity, pollution, & scorching heat.

Here are some quick and easy ways that will make your skin healthy in summer and every other season after that:


Always use a sunscreen

Buy a sunscreen that protects against both ultraviolet A and B rays and has at least SPF 30 to 75 content. Higher the SPF content, better will be the protection. If you are out of the house, re-apply sunscreen every two hours. If you are planning to stay indoors, SPF 15 to 40 would do the job.

Keep your body hydrated

Consider water as your friend because it will keep your skin hydrated and healthy throughout the summer and other seasons of the year. It also flushes out toxins. Always carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. If you don’t like drinking plain water, you can make fruit teas or infused water. However, avoid drinking soda or adding sugar to your drinks because you don’t want empty calories without any nutrients.

Massage your face regularly

Every morning after getting up and every night before going to bed, massage your face and neck area with an ice cube. It not only hydrates your body but also boosts blood circulation, which improves the flow of nutrients to your face.


Your body sheds dead skin everyday, but it becomes difficult to clean it out during the summer because of the excessive sweat and salt our bodies produce. Whenever you shower, grab a body scrubber and your favourite shower gel to win back your everlasting glowing skin. Always use the scrubber in circular movements and rinse clean. Use a special exfoliator for your face because it is more delicate compared to other parts of your body. Use a face and body scrub two to three times in a week for deep exfoliation.

Take care of your feet

While most of us manage to take care of our body, we often forget our feet. Treat yourself to a pedicure salon or give yourself a mini pedicure at home to get rid of the dead skin developed under your skin. Always keep a foot scrub handy in the shower and use it on alternate days. Apart from making your feet soft, the pedicure will keep them sandal-ready all season long.

Stick to a diet that’s rich in fruits and veggies as they contain micronutrients that give your skin a beautiful glow.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist