Please join us to Celebrate International Day of Yoga 2019 at David Lam Park, Vancouver

This event is organized by Consulate General of India – Vancouver in association with India Cultural Association (ICA) of Vancouver.

This event is Free of cost and all are welcome to attend. Invite your friends & family to experience Yoga for Free. Light refreshments will be served after the event.

Please bring a Yoga mat and arrive early to get your spot. Visit to read frequently asked questions about Yoga.

Yoga is over 5,000-year-old tradition from India that combines physical, mental and spiritual pursuits to achieve harmony of the body and mind. On December 11 in 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga accepting the proposal put forth by Indian Prime Minister. In Suggesting June 21, which is the Summer Solstice, as the International Day of Yoga, Hon’ble Prime Minister had said, “the date is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has special significance in many parts of the world.” Visit to read more about International Day of Yoga.

The CGI Vancouver’s IDY event is being celebrated as part of the Summer Solstice Gathering Festival 2019- a multi-dimensional festival that celebrates the diversity and unique make-up of Vancouver communities.


Date and Time : Friday, 21st June 2019|| 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT

Location : David Lam Park, 1300 Pacific Boulevard, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2Y1