Did you know that stress has been labelled as “the silent killer” because it can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain, and an irregular heartbeat? With exams looming, stress (a.k.a. the silent killer) might have already come knocking at your door, which is understandable.

However, becoming stressed while studying hard for the final exam isn’t going to help your performance, and in fact, it will do the opposite — hamper your ability to perform well and score decent grades. That’s why it’s important to keep stress at bay and focus on your well-being while studying. Here are some amazing ways to avoid stress while studying for the final exam:

1. Exercise

Exercising by doing aerobic activities such as running, dancing or spinning boosts your heart rate and causes your body to produce endorphins — chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers. Endorphins help you reduce stress, anxiety and even sleep better. So get your heart pumping to get rid of the exam stress!

2. Step outside

According to research, nature is one of the best stress relievers. Spending some time outdoors walking in the sun or catching up with friends and acquaintances outside can help alleviate stress and make you feel rejuvenated and energized.

3. Take a shower

Taking a hot shower can not only help relieve tension and soothe muscles but also let your mind wander. Letting your mind wander from time to time is useful in reducing stress and fueling creativity. So take a break and hop into the shower to calm your stressed mind.

4. Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing is one of the best ways to calm your mind and let it relax. When you’re stressed, your heart rate goes up and you breathe faster than normal. Deep breathing helps you slow down your breathing, which in turn reduces tension and relieves stress.

5. Eat healthy food

On stressful days, it’s extremely important to regulate your diet, reduce sugar intake and eat foods that help in relieving stress. Stress releases cortisol, the stress hormone, which also spikes your blood sugar level. Regulating your sugar intake can help you combat stress. Eat high protein meals and snack on mood-enhancing foods such as dark chocolate, pistachios, blueberries and pumpkin seeds.

6. Talk to someone

Letting it all out is a great way to soothe tension. Talk to a close friend or family member and tell them how you truly feel. Giving voice to what you’re going through can help you process your feelings, see the bigger picture and feel better about yourself. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved!

7. Get some sleep

While studying long hours before the final exam might seem like a good idea, it won’t help your body in any way. Lack of sleep would, in turn, contribute to your stress levels, which isn’t going to help your performance during the exams.

According to the Dalai Lama, sleep is the best meditation. A good night’s sleep helps your body feel relaxed and well-rested. This, in turn, gets rid of the negative emotions and makes your mind feel fresh and recharged. So make sure that you get some decent hours of sleep before and during your final exam.

Follow these tips to ensure that your studying is optimal, productive and stress-free. Don’t let the pressure of the final exam derail you and affect your performance. Give yourself a break, don’t stress yourself too much and believe in your ability to do well in your exams.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist