It seems New Year has just started, but we are already into February. Most of us like to set goals in the beginning of year. When it comes to goal setting, 97% of the people do not write their goals. If you ask them about their goals, they will say , “I have my goals in my mind.” Studies have shown that other 3% who have written goals achieve more success than 97%, who have their goals in their minds. In this article I am going to share some ideas about how to set goals and how important it is for us that our goals are balanced in all aspects of life.

I highly recommend my family and friends to write your goals even before start of the New Year. I believe there is some magic in it. I have been practicing this in my life for so many years. Like everyone, I take time off during winter vacation but in a slightly different way. I call it ‘Thinking Time’ day off, during last few days of the ending year, I do intense thinking about how my next year should look like. I spend some time with myself, reflecting up previous year and think about what different things I want to do in next year. This year, I felt so happy that I attended a 10 day Yoga cum meditation session in the last week of 2018. It has really helped me think clearly, be more conscious about my well being, and also have an attitude of gratitude.

Tips of Goal settingWrite your Goals-

  • First of all take big paper divide it into four sections. Put four headings on top of each quadrant as – FITNESS, FAMILY, FAITH & FINANCE
  • Under each heading write down with your own hand 5 to 6 major goals you want to achieve in above areas of your life during next year. Be very specific about what you want.
  • Corresponding to each quadrant also write some action plan you will take to achieve that goal.
  • For examples- If goal is lose 5 Kg weight, action plan can be 5 days to gym, jogging, Yoga etc.
  • Similarly if goal is to achieve $500,000 as income, write action plan for how you would do it.
  • Your family goal could be Trip to India or your dream destination, your weekly time off for family. In Faith, You might set a goal to 30 minutes Meditation every morning.
  • Next Important step is to put date line against all goals, it means when exactly you want that specific goals be achieved
  • You can keep in mind the very poplar phrase for goal settingSMART goals.
  • S- Specific, M- Measurable, AAttainable, R-Relevant, T-Time bound.

Congratulations, after writing your goals you are part of 3% population, who are high achievers. If you are really serious about achieving your written goals, always keep in front of your eyes so that you could read them regularly. In order to do that you could paste them on your washroom mirror, bedroom or office so that you read them whenever get chance.

Create a Vision Board

The concept of vision board is another way of keeping your goals in front of your eyes. Create a vision board by putting pictures of the things you want to achieve or pictures of the kind of person you want to become. This is a very powerful step. Your subconscious mind understands the language of pictures only. If you constantly keep seeing those images, it will make all the things happen as per your vision board.

Visualize your goals

This is another very powerful step. Once you have written your balanced goals, create a vision board, the next step is to visualize your goals. The best way to visualize your goals is to be in a relaxed state of mind first. Take a few long breaths, keep your focus of deep breathing and your body will start of relax. In a few minutes your mind will be in Alpha state, which is the best state of mind to visualize your goals.

Take Action

Action speaks louder than words. Take necessary action as planned, you will start getting results. Keep your focus on planning your day in such a way that you never miss any action in all areas of your goals.

In today’s fast paced life, we should set balanced goals for our lives. All four F’s that I mentioned above are like for legs of a chair, if any of the leg is weak or broken, chances are chair will collapse easily. It is never too late to do the right thing. I recommend you to use above steps to set your goals from February onwards and you still have plenty of time to set and achieve all your goals. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Navtej Khela
Realtor and Mind Power Trainer