We Strive to keep ourselves happy from Holistic Point of View To make it easy I have attempted it to make it more Numerical from 0 to 7



Zero Sugar Containing drinks Such as Juice or Soda. Even Pure Juice can harm our Teeth making Cavities . We Should Make Water as our Choice of drink. Drink when thirsty, Water Refreshes us much more than any other Liquid drink Human body is 72% water hence water is never harmful to us “ Pehla Paani Jeev Hai Jit Hareya Sabh Koye “


Aim at least one time Protein intake daily The Science says more beans than Meat We Roughly need about 1 gram/ day of protein. It can be Vegetarian or Non Veg Source.


Maximum of 2 Servings of Milk Products which includes Dahi, Yogurt , Cheese , Paneer , Ice Cream


We Should Strive for Whole grains which include Wheat , Rice , Corn ,Bajra etc 3 times a day. Brown bread or dough for Roti is good. Whole Wheat Pasta.


At least 4 different colour fruits daily is good. It has Fibre, Iron , Vitamin & Minerals in Abundance. We can Mix 4 different fruits & even add Chat Masala to make it taste better. Try to eat fruits in Season. The Sugar in fruits is about 22% Compared to 100% in Several desserts


Nature has Given us Vegetables in Abundance. Different types and Colours of Vegetables about 5 or more daily is Very good for us. It gives us Iron , Fibre, minerals , Bulk and certain vegetables such as Broccoli has compounds to fight cancer or prevent it. Celery has high Abundance of Amino Acids. We can eat veges raw or cooked.


Sedentary life is bad for our heart health, Joints, Metabolism and also our Mind Even if we get up from our desk 10 minutes about 6 Times a day for walk or going up and down the Stairs we would have done one hour Exercise daily


There are 7 days in a week, 7 colours of Rainbow, 7 Music Notes Focus on Being in a Conscious state of Awareness, Music is essential for body mind and soul. Connect with Music which will aid in connecting with yourself

Our universe was created with a sound called the Big Bang. In Hinduism that Primordial sound is called Aum, in Islam it is called Kunh, in Christianity as Lagos and in Sikh Faith as Oankaar

Music is Devine

Also 7 hours a night Sleep is good for us

This is a Brief Summary about Healthy Living.

Dr. Pargat Singh Bhurji
MD,FRCP ( C ) Consultant Pediatrician Surrery BC