Meeting people is hard and when you’re single, you hear all kinds of advice from friends and well-wishers. While
some of the advice you receive might seem genuine, most of it is simply annoying and more often than not, ends
up making you feel inadequate.

Firstly, accept that there’s nothing lacking in you and being single isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Secondly, take a look at six pieces of relationship advice that we’ve put together for single people to build the fulfilling relationship that they’re looking for –

1. Understand what you truly want

As you grow, your definitions of relationships and what you seek out of them keep changing. That’s why it’s important to understand what you’re truly looking for — a casual date, a long-term relationship or a marriage. Don’t go with what your friends, family or society expect you to do. Take some time for yourself, map your needs and accept them — this is the first step to starting a great relationship.

2. Stop seeking “The One”

Society teaches you to find “The One” or “The Soulmate”. It also paints a fairytale happy ending after finding the love of your life. Reality doesn’t work that way. If you truly wish to have a relationship with someone, look for personality traits that are to your liking, go out on a few dates and consider taking the next step if you truly enjoy the company. No one is perfect and everyone has their attractions and their flaws. You just have to decide whether you can live with those flaws.

3. Consider online dating

There’s a very infamous stereotype associated with online dating — it’s only for the truly desperate who cannot find dates in their real lives. On the contrary, online dating is a very efficient option for finding meaningful relationships. We live extremely busy lives and online dating can introduce you to other single people who’re looking for a relationship with just a few clicks — people you wouldn’t have met going about your normal routine. While there might be people who wish to take advantage of you, there are also plenty of extremely earnest people who are looking for a genuine relationship online.

4. Don’t compare yourself to your friends

Comparing ourselves to others, especially our friends, is something we do every now and then. When your friends are getting married or are in serious relationships, you feel that you need to be doing the same. Instead of making comparisons, focus on yourself and achieving your goals. Do things when you’re ready, not because everyone else is doing it.

5. Don’t feel bad for being single

This might sound as cliché, but it’s okay to be single. Being single isn’t a problem to be solved, neither is it a reflection on your value as a person. Instead of obsessing over being in a relationship, focus on having a wonderful life — do things you love and enjoy. Live your best life and make every single day count.

6. Seek some advice

Seeking counsel when you feel stuck or lost is completely fine. You don’t have all the answers and asking your friends, family or even professional counsellors for some muchneeded advice is always a good idea.

Just make sure who you’re seeking counsel from. For example, if you’re looking for relationship advice, ask someone who’s in a stable relationship, not your perpetually single friend.

A fulfilling relationship is all about being honest with yourself and with your expectations. Being in a relationship is wonderful, but it also takes a lot of work and compromises. So unless you’re completely ready to be in a relationship, don’t do it. Concentrate on living a fulfilling life instead.

Ritika Tiwari
Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Content Strategist