I am strong believer of above statement, because I can vouch for it. This is taken from title of the famous book ‘Spring of Inspiration’ written by world famous Life Coach and Mind Trainer Dr. Jeetendra Adhia. I am thankful to Punjab Bhawan for hosting an event on last Saturday, regarding book ceremony of ‘Prerna Da Jharna’ Punjabi Translation of above book by renowned Punjabi writer and Journalist Mr Bakhshinder.

Events really happen in mind first, who would have thought that my father Mr Bakhshinder and I would meet Dr. Adhia in summer of 2017, and we would be able to get his best seller book translated in Punjabi and gift it to Punjabi readers in Surrey. But wait a minute, it never happened by any co-incidence. When three of us spent some time together, I shared with them that I love Dr. Adhia’s book on Mind Power and I want it to be translated in Punjabi, so that all our community can benefit from it. Dr. Adhia liked the idea and he encouraged my father to do it, he also motivated me to learn more about this subject and do educational seminars in Surrey.

Long story short, I went to India in December 2017 to take training from Dr. Adhia and declared it right there that I will get his books translated in Punjabi. I want to thank my father, who is known as a perfectionist in Punjabi writers’ community. He worked hard for so many hours on bringing this book in perfect Punjabi version. This book is available in both languages at India Book world in York Centre, Surrey.

I feel great to share it with readers of Entertainment magazine that I did about 8-10 seminars on Mind Power (based on above book) at different places in Surrey so far in 2018. I got great response from the participants and I feel good they start using the ideas in their personal and professional lives. Some people believe that I am doing these seminars to make money and they ask for ticket price. I do these seminars for free. It is not my business; I do it for my passion only. I did a couple of seminars to support my favorite charity and we asked for voluntary contributions from participants.

I observed that everyone in Surrey is concerned about increasing crimes related to Drugs and Violence. I want to offer my help on this. I am ready to volunteer my time for doing seminars for students and teenager in their Schools, Libraries, social groups or any organization who support them. I strongly believe that we need to educate our youth about setting their goals in their lives and how they can achieve these goals by using the power of their sub conscious mind. Please feel free to contact me if any of you could connect me to any such organization who wants to help our youth. Because I believeIf you give a fish to a man, you will feed him for a day But if you teach how to do fishing you feed him for the life!

Navtej Khela
Realtor and Mind Power Trainer