We all are aware of the importance of Insurance and the great financial support it can provide to insured’s family in case the life-insured dies. As per the needs/suitability of the client, insurance companies offer different types of plans such as:

Term Life Insurance – It is suitable to cover the financial risk for our temporary needs like mortgage payment, funding education of child or loan payment if the life-insured dies during the period of coverage. It offers coverage for a period of 10 years, 20 years, 30 years or Term 40. For Term Life Insurance, the insurance company will provide death benefit only during the period of purchased coverage- if the life-insured dies within the period of coverage, death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary. But, no benefit will be provided after the period of coverage expires.

Term 100 Life Insurance/Whole Life Insurance/Universal Life Insurance – These plans cover the financial risk if the lifeinsured dies. The financial assistance is not restricted to any age and is ‘in force’ for insured’s lifetime as long as he is paying the premiums. While Term 100 Life Insurance covers financial risk without any cash value, Whole Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance offer additional advantage in the form of cash value which is built up while you are paying your premiums.

To make life insurance a more befitting experience for their clients, life insurance companies keep on introducing lucrative offers for their clients from time to time. For a limited period till November 15, 2018, an insurance company has introduced another remarkable life insurance plan which offers you guaranteed $500,000 cash values at age 65 if you purchase life insurance coverage of $1 million. But, it is not mandatory to purchase life insurance for 1 million. You can purchase insurance for more or less coverage according to your affordability and needs. The best feature of the plan is that if you want to partially surrender (e.g. 50%) the policy at age 65, you will receive half of the guaranteed cash value and half of the insurance will keep ‘in force’.

Let us understand the concept with the help of an example. A 25-year old nonsmoker female purchases one million dollar coverage and will pay $5,060 premium per year. If she pays premium for forty years (till age 65), she will have paid out the whole premium for the policy totalling to an amount of $202,400. But, on reaching age 65, if she wants to surrender the policy, she will have a guaranteed cash value of $500,000. As is evident, the guaranteed cash value that the individual has far exceeds the total premium that she has paid for the policy. Not only this, if she wants to receive a cash value of $250,000 by her retirement, she can opt for a partial surrender of the policy which will still make her eligible for a death benefit of $500,000.

So the client has nothing to lose, the policy offers her flexible choices- to use the cash value, and to retain the death benefit as well.

Thus, this unique insurance plan offers you the flexibility to either avail the whole guaranteed investment or, to use a part of investment while retaining the death benefit when you reach age 65. The benefits are totally transparent and flexible.

The cash values offered by this unique insurance plan are:

• Among the highest in the industry

• Best value for money on the market

• Available from 10th policy anniversary

• Partial or total surrender is available

• Option of borrowing against cash value

But again, a reminder! This wonderful opportunity is available only till November 15, 2018. To reap maximum benefit of this unique opportunity, without wasting time, please contact me immediately. As an independent insurance advisor working through Punjab Insurance Agency and dealing with different insurance companies, I can explain to you in detail the features of this useful insurance plan, and will assist you to avail the best insurance coverage suitable for your needs and resources

Sandeep Ahuja
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