The Punjabi suit is the traditional dress of women in the Punjab region. The Punjabi suit is popular in other regions of the subcontinent, such as Mumbai and Sind. It is also popular in Afghanistan, where it is called the Punjabi.
The Punjabi ladies suit is a traditional dress worn by mainly Punjabi ladies of all ages, from north India.
The traditional dress for ladies is beautiful and elegant yet comfortable to wear and carry. Available in a wide range of patterns and prints, they are a wonderful combination of tradition and style. The traditional dress of the Punjab comprises of the salwar-kameez for women and lehenga-kurta with a waistcoast has many colors and styling.
They love to ‘get ready’…and when they do…THEN this song elaborates like “Bhaawein saari duniya ch jaa ke dekh lo, Husn muqabala kara ke dekh lo”. . Nobody beats them!! No matter what the occasion is, Punjabi girls leave no stone unturned to show the beauty of their well dressed attires by wearing appropriate female dresses with combination of all type of relevant jewellery. Of course, the natural ornament God gifted to Punjabi girls is their SMILE that flourishes like a fresh flower or like a morning dew drops. In this modern era, every single girl in this country wants to be modern. They choose the best apparel for them which will fit them as well as they feel great to be unique among others. They can wear them in any occasion. Anarkali Suit (As seen in photo) is one of the first choices among Indian girls in this era. It looks great, light and you can have it in any occasion. Now it has turned as the new Indian Cultural wear.
Style of Anarkali Suit:
Anarkali Suits are now modernized. It comes in different variations. It gives a royal appearance to any woman who adorns this garment. Anarkali Suit is accentuated by its well embroideries, embellishments which can be called zari embroideries. This suit is designed by different thread work and amazing resham works with zardozi and crystals. Beautiful handwork on this garment shows the traditional motifs which is enhanced with latest trending patterns and beautiful designs. Anarkali Suits are crowned as the best Indian Ethic Wear. A number of E-Commerce stores carry a wide range of amazing trending Anarkali suits for women of all styles.

Ritika Tiwari
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