Sri Yoga Hanuman Cultural Society is a charitable organization engaged in various activities for the betterment of people and the society. It also manages Sri Yoga Hanuman Temple, an immensely popular holy place of worship. Sri Yoga Hanuman Temple is situated at 13415 Comber Way Surrey BC and it is growing in its popularity, by leaps and bounds. With every day passing, the footfalls in this temple are on the rise. And that is because of many reasons. Among them, few are listed here below:

• This temple has more than 24 deities under one roof!

• The main deity Lord Hanuman in a unique sitting (yogic) posture is one of the largest statues, measuring 2 stories high, weighing 20 tons in weight and made out of one single black granite stone!

• The quality of renditions of hymns and discourses by the Head Priest Sri Ram Shakti Bhattar are absolutely par excellent. The temple enjoys five-star reviews by the visitors.

• The serene and divine ambience of the temple is exceptional. • The prayer ceremony proceedings in the temple are as per procedures.

• This temple attracts people from all walks of life, including India, Canada, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, USA and Fiji come to worship.

• This temple offers, at the end of the prayers, a sumptuous meal prepared in-house by the Head Priest and his family members!

The temple is managed by Sri Yoga Hanuman Cultural Society, which has multi-faceted activities for the betterment of the people and the society.

Presently, the temple is operating from a small place and space is completely inadequate, thanks to the burgeoning of worshippers! The place becomes too much crammed and tight during the praying sessions and many people do not even get into the temple. They stand outside. This includes ladies, seniors, and children.

Sri Yoga Hanuman Cultural Society needs larger premises for the temple and its other activities, urgently. The Society is currently in hot pursuit of a piece of a spacious land that can come from wealthy donors, well-wishers, federal or provincial governments either for free or on a very low long -term lease!

It is an appeal through this article that this Society must be supported for its wonderful presence and immensely serving the community! Once the land is available, the Society can build and relocate the temple.

It is a humble plea through this article that the contents of this article are propagated in the right earnest by every one who reads so that the Society gets much-needed land very soon from any source.

Sri Yoga Hanuman Society is a charitable organization recognized by the Government of Canada and any donation will be exempt from tax!

Any donors? Please come forward. Kindly contact either Sri Ram Shakti Bhattar – Founder-Head Priest, Sri Yoga Hanuman Cultural Society-Sri Yoga Hanuman Temple phone: 604-780-9196/778-593- 1898

email: yogahanumantemple@ or

N. Bala, Director-Sri Yoga Hanuman Cultural Society

phone: 778-319-7714


Thanks for reading… Jai Sri Ram!

Jai Sri Hanuman!

N. Bala
B.Engg, MBA, CAIIB Techno-Banker / Writer / Blogger