As I met this lanky – 6’-2”- 39 years young, for the first time, I could not help appreciate the natural smile he wears on his face, which almost compel the opposite side to a matching response. My first impression was, “He has a natural smile in his talk; and this is Gods, gift he is bestowed upon.” And one does not need a second chance to create the first impression.

As I walked the talk, this Senior most executive at this new dealership, with an aura of comport around him, informed that he is working since he was a tween [ 14 years]. His first job was a Lot Associate in Saskatchewan, a province where he took the first breath of his life.

“Leaders enjoy the journey and try to get better per diem. And don’t lose the passion and the love for what they do. They always carry the team with them because they clearly know Together Everyone Achieves More.

Being a son of an Automotive Technician, he decided to pursue a career in Automotive. When I asked him why decided in favor of this off shoot of education, pat came the reply,” My reverend father used to be known as a Car Guy; and Automotive always fascinate me and I made my passion my profession and I really feel at cloud nine as I am in my field of choice.”

After graduating from a 3- year degree course in Business Administration with Automobile Marketing as a major, in the year 2000 from Georgian College in Barrie ON, he entered another phase of life by landing a maiden job as a Marketing Associate with Toyota Canada. For 13 years- during the prime of his youth – he worked with constancy to purpose and honesty of commitment. Management amply rewarded the core professionalism and a leading loyal leader in him as he escalated the rung after rung to be Western Canada Sales Manager in a record period. With a proven track record, he joined a humongous Auto magnate “Open Road Auto Group Head Quartered at Richmond” in 2013. His first assignment was GM Lexus Richmond. Presently he is leading this newly acquired franchisee (Open Road Mercedes Surrey)- started in May 2018. He is ably supported by his hard-working team of 55 employees.

It will not be out of place to mention that Open Road Auto Group is the largest Auto Group in BC with 22 franchises under their belt and bedecked with a loyal team of over 1300 employees. This twenty-years young group has a turn over of circa millions. This humongous group sells over 18 brands in a row in different cities and places.

When I asked him, how he feels with an eventful career of 18 years in his chosen field, he stated,” I feel good and lucky to be a part of this best Auto Group where I can pursue my passion and I love challenges.”

Since he is from Saskatchewan, I asked him how he feels to be in this tranquil area of BC? I saw him losing half connection with me and rummaging through the last 5 years he spent here and then muttered, “I love to be here and I will never leave this area blessed with mountains, ocean, nature bedecked roads and beautiful multi cultured inhabitants.”

On clients front he stated, “To dole out Best Customer Service to our customers is our USP and 80% are our repeat customers; and approx. 50% of our clientele is from Indian descent- hard working community which is resourceful and respectful and love to pursue their passion for motors.”

On hobbies front he loves, Mountain Biking and Hiking as he loves to be in the company of nature.

The road to success is never easy to navigate, but with hard work, incurable drive and peppy passion, it’s possible to achieve the ultimate goal of life. When a passion is made a profession then with hundred percent effort success is only a matter of time as success likes the company of a prepared mind. Mr. Jeremy knows that beyond an iota of doubt.

On the family front, he loves to travel with his spouse Ambelea and two kids- Master Holden [8 yrs.] and Barret [ 4 Yrs.] When I asked him where he sees himself in the next 10 years, he opined.” The future of Auto Industry will be very different and exciting as well as challenging as years unfold in succession. Mercedes is launching a brand-new range of Electric and Hybrid vehicles – with an SUV – to start with. With automotive[s] running on Hydrogen, Self-Driven and flying locally may be a really as R & D is indeed moving at a fast speed. The future is very encouraging as vehicles are getting more customer friendly, competitive and affordable on the pricing front.

Let us wish him a scintillating success in all walks of life


Prof. Surinder Kochhar (Shaun)
LPN, FCN, M.Com, CAIIB, DIM A freelance writer with 36 Years Exp. A Health Coach of University of Victoria