Purchasing a life insurance policy can prove to be one of the wisest steps in securing your family’s future. If you have made this decision, it’s commendable. While an insurance agent will provide you with various insurance plan options as per your financial needs and capabilities; depending on the insurance plan (for high coverage), the insurance company may require you to undergo a medical test to provide evidence of your insurability.


A medical test is a physical exam in which a medical professional (licensed nurse) asks the proposed insured questions about his/her medical history and records his blood pressure, pulse, height and weight. Further, depending on insurer’s guidelines for your age, the nurse may also collect your blood and EKG and/or X-ray and, if required, a personal interview to collect information about your medical history. The medical test may be conducted in your home, your workplace or in insurance office as per your convenience and suitability. You simply have to inform in advance so that arrangements can be made accordingly. It may take on an average between 30 to 45 minutes.


While you earnestly want to clear the medical test without any hassle, by keeping these simple points in mind, you will be able to obtain accurate results from the tests covered in this exam:

1. TAKE A PICTURE ID TO THE EXAMINATION- It will facilitate the examiner in confirming your identity.

2. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANY BEVERAGE 4-8 HOURS PRIOR TO THE EXAM- Certain lab tests require that you should not have taken any eatable/liquid. So do not take any eatables/beverage 4-8 hours before the exam.

3. LIMIT THE INTAKE OF SALT AND FOODS CONTAINING HIGH LEVELS OF CHOLESTEROL FOR 24 HOURS PRIOR TO THE EXAM- Again, for the accuracy of test results, 24 hours before the scheduled exam, limit the intake of salt and foods rich in cholesterol.

4. AVOID DOING STRENUOUS EXERCISE 12 HOURS PRIOR TO THE EXAMINATION- Do not perform any exercise involving high level of physical/muscular strain.

5. AVOID TAKING ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES FOR AT LEAST 12 HOURS PRIOR TO THE EXAM- Consumption of alcoholic beverages may again affect the accuracy of lab test results. So, avoid them.

6. LIMIT THE USE OF CAFFEINE AND NICOTINE 2 HOURS BEFORE THE EXAMINATION- Limit the intake of drinks containing caffeine and nicotine.

7. DRINK A GLASS OF WATER ONE HOUR PRIOR TO THE EXAMINATION- While the intake of eatables and beverages may affect the accuracy of results, taking a glass of water can enhance the accuracy of results.

8. INFORM THE EXAMINER OF ANY HISTORY OF PROBLEMS ASSOCIATED WITH PROVIDING A BLOOD SAMPLE- Inform the examiner of any medical problems that you face while providing a blood sample such as fainting.

9. DISCLOSE THE NAMES OF CURRENT MEDICATIONS INCLUDING NATUROPATHIC MEDICINES, OR VITAMINS- If you are taking any medications, be prepared to disclose the same during the exam.

10. HAVE HANDY A LIST OF THE NAMES, ADDRESSES AND PHONE NUMBERS OF ANY DOCTORS THAT YOU HAVE VISITED DURING THE PAST FIVE YEARS- Also, be prepared to disclose the contact information of any physicians that you may have visited during this period.


12. BE PREPARED TO PROVIDE YOUR FAMILY HISTORY- These may be asked during the exam.

13. FEMALE APPLICANTS- please mention to the examSandeep Ahuja iner if they currently have their monthly period- as it could avoid a request for a repeat urine test.

14. HAVE A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP BEFORE THE EXAMINATION- it will again help in getting accurate medical results.

By keeping these simple things in mind, you will be able to gain accurate results from the medical test that is quite crucial for attaining approval of your insurance policy and maintaining its viability. As an independent insurance advisor working through Punjab Insurance Agency, I deal with different insurance companies offering plans for different types of insurance. I can explain to you in detail, the insurance plan options and coverage that are suitable for your needs and resources. This article is © Copyrighted 2018-08-27 and can be reproduced only with prior permission.

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