Most of us barely have time to spend even 10 minutes on our makeup every morning. Hence, it is important that we utilize those precious minutes like a pro and fix those make-up mistakes without making too much of a mess. Here’s what you can do…

• More often than not, we end up with clumps of mascara on our eyelashes, which can be a pain to remove. Instead of trying to immediately remove it, wait a minute or two till it is dry and then peel off. This will prevent smudging.

• Not all of us are blessed with thick, dark eyebrows and have to use eyebrow pencils/ mascaras to make them darker. But we often end up over-pencilling. Correct this by using a small eyebrow brush to comb your brows and apply the tiniest bit of concealer on the browbone and just above your brows.

• We’ve all been guilty of applying too much of blush. Fix this by using a small sponge to gently remove the excess colour from the apples of your cheeks. Remember not to dab too hard or you might end up smudging the blush, making it appear even darker than before.

Courtesy: TNN