Our parents, in many cases, leave soon and our kids and spouse come along late in our lives, but our siblings -a brother or a sister- are the only relatives who are with us through the entire circle of our lives, though exceptions apply.

A brother-sister relationship is one of the most balanced relationships, I have ever experienced. Even now, as most of us, are separated by thousands of miles and aren’t able to physically see each other for most days of the year, I still feel more connected to them as ever. We may not speak all that often; we may not text at all, but I still know that he/she is always there for the other one.

Approximately four out of five grow up with a brother or sister. On the medical front, most siblings only share approximately 50 per cent of the same genes, but the lifelong and perennial connection they feel often has nothing to do with this biology.

Because a sister has a brother, she always has a best friend in her life. She loves him more than the distance between them. And yet their reunion,on occasions, bring thrill in them -more than a reunion -with very close friends.

The connection may be a hard one to describe in a single word. It’s the comfort experienced from the core of the heart when you sit in the same room with your brother or sister, in an imagery silence, yet you both know how and what the other is feeling. The world knows, beyond an iota of doubt, a brother or a sister is a helper of the first resort. Long live this pure relationship!

Written By: Prof. Surinder Kochhar (Shaun)