As I went to see him face to face as a maiden effort; I was well received by his elegant poise and mannerism.

As I walked the talk, during my confabulations, I found him at ease, though a little tired due to a jet lag. What was pleasantly surprising was his sturdy body – a handsome hunk or should I say, a handsome man with a well-developed physique?

When I asked him about his family moorings with music industry, he replied, a heck no. He is a first-generation artist, though both of his kids are into it. When I enquired the compelling logic- to chose this risky profession- pat came the reply,

Any art, including singing, is indeed creative, passionate, and personal. And great art resonates with the listener/ viewer, and not only with the creator. The sole aim of Arvinder is to bring peace and pleasure to his listeners so that they can relax in their busy schedule and recharge the batteries of their life in succession

”I sensed as a teenager, that I should be following a different path, a more ambitious one; I strongly felt that I was destined for other things but I had no idea how to achieve that. Music always fascinates me. It happens to be my passion as I used to sing devotional Shabads [religious songs]. Simply, I made my passion, my profession. I am really thankful to Almighty, as life has gone full circle as per my expectations and presently feel at cloud nine.”

A successful artist- in his chosen fieldis someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo. And Arvinder- the artisttook it personally. Towards an ocular proof, he developed his genre, in Sufi-Romantic poetry, by creating his signature singing for “Sharab” and “Sharabi”. When I delved deep into his daily life style, I was pleasantly surprised to note that is a born teetotaller, a pure vegetarian and a devotee of Namdhari sect who helps others all the time.

An artist is born not made of. An unpolished diamond -named elemental carbon-remains in the company of coal – for myriads of years and when this carbon is polished by an expert called “Guru” it is turned into a diamond and becomes priceless for the community or Universe at large. Michael Jackson ruled and rule over billions of hearts and pulled in USD 825 millions last year as per Forbes. Success always looks beyond the caste, creed, culture, ethnicity and race. Success happens when opportunity meets the prepared mind. Arvinder is a classic example of this.

To date he has sung over 1000 songs. He has done playback singing in over 35 Bollywood and Pollywood films, Solo as well as with top rank singers. He has given music to scores of films. He has travelled through out the globe and have conducted 5000 shows to enthrall the masses. His Sufi-Romantic – story telling modified ghazal “Paani Shrab Mein” is a perennial hit. Pakistani Folk Singer, late Reshma sang in his music. He served as a jury On Zee TV Singing completion shows Viz. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Little Champs. In his free time, he listens to songs of late Mohammad Rafi and Ghulam Ali.

When I asked him, on present day songs with Tukbandi, he started losing connection with me and after rummaging through the decade old past, he opined” Such type of so- called- consingers have no future. A song with Tukbandi, cannot be sung with a feel and likewise, being nothing, but Shor. Tukbandi is called Doggerel- a poetry which is irregular in rhyme and rhythm.

On hobbies front, apart from music, he loves Swimming, Cricket, Gym Exercising.

Every child is a born artist. Every artist is first an amateur. In his/her formative years when a child pursues his passion and finds a talented Guru and that too happens to be a father; that is ‘Sone Pe Suhaga (an icing on the cake). Being chips of the old block, Arvinders’ Children Asa Singh (son) and Akasa Singh[daughter] are a roaring success. I do not have an iota of doubt, that these precocious children will further add excellence or supremacy to the legacy of their dad- a living celebrity

On family front, he is married to Mrs. Amita Kaur- a renowned Classical Kathak Dancer who have performed with top artistes of Bollywood fame including dream girl Hema Malini. He is blessed with two kids- Akasa Singh (daughter) fame “Tu Kheech Meri Foto” her debut song in Bollywood Movie “Sanam Teri Kasam”. Her latest hit is “Thug Ranjha” with Sony Music fame song and Asa Singh (son) of Channa Mereya fame song- both have made successive forays into the vocal music industry. Why not? After all, being second generationers, they are chips of the old block. A scintillating future is waiting for these talented kids. Arvinder is born to parents -Sr. Darshan Singh and Srdni Maninder Kaur.

This triple AAA, triage [Arvinder, Akasa Singh and Asa Singh sings from the same song sheet. They understand the pulse of music in toto. It is fairly easy for children to pick up the nuances of music, when the first Guru happens to be the father himself.

He is down to earth and his realm of attitude and maturity fascinates me Overall it was a better experience, best taste. Ooh La La…………..

Prof. Surinder Kochhar (Shaun)
LPN, FCN, M.Com, CAIIB, DIM A freelance writer with 36 Years Exp. A Health Coach of University of Victoria