By the grace of AlmightyWaheguru-, Late Sant Baba Bhag Singh conceived an idea to educate the masses belonging to the Rural and Semi-Urban area in particular, as they did not have an easy access to the City based institutions doling out higher education. Secondly, they could not get entrée to these institutions being short of resources.

This three years’ young University, spanning over 200 acres of land, duly recognised by UGC, is making unprecedented forays in the realm of technoprofessional education on the horizon of Punjab.

The mission statement of this University is to propagate the knowledge in most of the off shoots of learning viz.:

• Engineering

• Computer Application

• Commerce and Management Studies

• Hotel management

• Airline Tourism

• Pure applied Sciences

• Agricultural sciences

• Para -Medical courses

• Physical education

• Medical sciences

• Law

During my confabulations with Dr Jatinder Singh Bal Vice Chancellor, currently on tour to Canada, courtesy Mr. Jatinder Minhas- Advisor- international affairs of SBBS, I found him very actively engaged- along with the enthusiastic team- to take this University to empyrean heights of fame and prosperity, under the active guidance of Sant Baba Malkiat Singh Ji.



Excuse me at the risk of pampering this highly educated academician, as I venture to write that he is fully engaged with University affairs. Since he has risen Excuse me at the risk of pampering this highly educated academician, as I venture to write that he is fully engaged with University affairs. Since he has risen from ranks, he understands the pulse of education industry. During my maiden interface, I found him working with constancy to purpose and honesty of commitment. During his press conference and deliberations on the sidelines, I found him to be, Cool, Calm Composed, Collected and Confident. He has a clear picture of his mission in hand. And without an iota of doubt I can say that he knows how to care the chair, he is bestowed upon.


•SBBSU is the first Rural University of Punjab and India

•Well connected by road transport with an Airport in the vicinity of 4 kms.

•Subsidised education and accommodation to the needy

•Various scholarships are offered to meritorious students including athletes

•Providing free as well as concessional education to approx., 2300 students belonging to economically weaker segments of society

•Over 7200 students presently enrolled and getting educated to find their moorings in their chosen field.

•On Athletics front, this university has secured 12 Gold medals during events held among Private Universities. Mr. Arshdeep Singh, a student of this University has won a Gold Medal in Javelin Throw Championship

•Highly educated and well experienced faculty, wherein half of the same is Doctorate on education front, with over 700 publications to their credit

•To cap it all, this University is blessed with various awards namely: Best Community Services Awards and Best Infrastructure award conferred by Central Govt. of India to quote a few.

•The employment rate of students graduating from this University is over 90%. In Campus hiring- by leading employers – in their area of operation is indeed a regular feature.

This institution is a brain child of well experienced philanthropists and given practical shape by proven businessmen, awesome architects, educationists, politicians and the denizens of Punjab in particular.




The state of the art infrastructure – indoor as well as outdoor -has started giving results. The game is on and the best is yet to come.

The USP (Unique Selling Point) of this University is its humongous success achieved through donations from the public.

This University needs further help- as donations.

Come one, come all, come all in all to donate for this noble cause.

For donations contact

Mr. J Minhas- Advisor International Affairs.

He is reachable at (604) 277 3338.

Prof. Surinder Kochhar (Shaun)
LPN, FCN, M.Com, CAIIB, DIM A freelance writer with 36 Years Exp. A Health Coach of University of Victoria