E very year, thousands of students from various nations of the world make Canada their destination for quality education and settlement. As Canada government welcomes these students whole-heartedly, the number of students arriving here each year is increasing with the passage of time. While the youngsters arrive here with full enthusiasm, they have to work really hard due to multiple responsibilities like studying and arranging funds through employment.

To arrive in their dream country, they have to incur huge expenses which are arranged through multiple means including borrowing money from friends or other sources. Here too, the cost of education for international students is approximately three times that of the domestic student. They are thus, under a financial burden and face a transition period in their life unlike the students in their home country. While some students return to their home country after attaining education, many others aspire to settle here. Since for them, there are a lot of dreams that need to be fulfilled including attaining a permanent residence, owning a house, conveyance, having a good bank balance along with other amenities of life; young people must insure themselves so that these dreams may not get shattered by the undue financial burden caused by a medical emergency

But as we know, life is not always the same. If some external mis happening befalls, there is no coverage for the first three months after their arrival. The cost of medical treatment and related services is extremely high in this country. The expenses for one day confinement at the ICU can jump up to $9545 per day. Before attaining permanent residence, these expenses can turn into a nightmare by becoming a onetime mortgage payment.

Amidst this situation, it is extremely vital for youngsters to protect themselves against any unforeseen medical emergency. By making a payment of only $ 45-50 per month amounting to $150 for three months, students can get up to $2 million coverage that will cover their emergency medical treatment, physician services, ambulance services, x-ray examinations, medicines, rental of essential medical appliances, private duty nursing, dental, psychiatric and eye examination.

So, I would highly suggest that never ignore the importance of getting student travel insurance. If a student arrives here, first, ask him to get adequate insurance. Ask the youngsters to advise their friends at school to have proper insurance. A small wise step taken in this direction today would make your life much more easier and free of worries in future.

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