T his film is based on the glorious decent past of Indian Football, way back in the mid of Twentieth Century, wherein India qualified for a World Cup in 1950 and did play it. Indian players used to play barefooted and being bold and dutiful, these brave hearts fought with other world teams, who played with shoes on.

That is why the name of the film is penned as Barefoot Warriors. During my confabulations, with the producer of this film- who is an Construction Industry Entrepreneur, Mr. Jay Minhas, he lucidly, informed me that:

Barefoot Warriors is a contemporary story which find its moorings in a village in Punjab, India. Being a new independent nation, with emotions- bulging out of seams- the 1948 Olympics and 1950 Brazil World cup inspired them in a big way.

When asked Mr. Jay Minhas, why- o- why, he made this film, pat came the reply,” It is my nature to give back to the society. I was looking for a convincing subject. When I read this script, immediately I felt that I should make this film as it will go a long way to inspire the youth of the Universe with Canada, USA, India and England in particular. It is an attempt to wean away the youth from the clutches of deadly drugs.”

S Joban Preet Singh is the production Manager of this film. It will not be out of place to mention that Mr. Singh also handled the Film Dangal team for the part that was shot in Punjab/ Haryana.

On another request to tell further details, Mr. Minhas, politely stated that for this one need to watch the movie.

Let us watch the movie, which will be released in May, this year. Main Star cast comprise of: