Ask any beauty editor or makeup artist about a classic makeup look and red lipstick will undeniably be a part of it. And why wouldn’t it be – it’s rich, intense and looks good on every skin tone…when worn well, that is. You see, when it comes to that elegant rouge tube, it isn’t as easy as applying it and heading out of the door. No siree, with red lipstick there’s a lot of care you need to take before and after applying it. Luckily for you, we spoke to Mansi Mehta Kothari, Makeup Artist and Creative Director, Makeup at MyGlamm to impart her wisdom with us. So if you’re apprehensive about pulling off a fiery red lip, theseseven makeup tips are all you need to know.

1. Know Your Undertone

Just as you would choose foundation and concealer based on how cool or warm your skin undertone is, you must do the same when it comes to red lipstick. For skin with cool pink undertones, bright fire-truck reds look lovely. For warmer yellow undertones which is usually medium to dusky skin, deeper reds like brick to crimson shades really pop against the skin.

2. Easy On The Eyes

Says Mansi, “When you wear red lipstick, ensure that you keep your eye makeup clean and minimal. Neat winged liner with a flick at the end is classic choice to wear.” Red lips are attention-grabbing in themselves and don’t need the drama of heavy eye makeup so definitely no smokey eyes. Even just concealed eyes with a few coats of mascara looks fantastic with red lips.

3. Choose Blush Right

Even if poppy pink tones are usually your shades of choice when applying blush, they’ll prove to be a clash of colour when wearing red lipstick. “Along with red lips, keep your blush neutral toned and close to the shade of your own skin. Terracota to bronze toned blush is an ideal choice for this look”, advises Mansi.

4. Take Your Pick

Once you’ve decided to wear red lips, take your pick whether you’d like to opt for a juicy glossy finish or a stark matte one. This is because the rest of your face depends on the finish of your lips. Here’s what Mansi has to say – “If you’ll be wearing matte lipstick, make sure your face is hydrated and dewy. If it’s glossy lips that you are going for, then your skin should be mattified.” This ensures that there’s a balance of finishes across the face, without looking too harshly matte or greasily glossy.

5. Make It Pop

Especially if you have pigmented lips, the rich red colour showing up on your lips can be problematic. To make sure they truly pop, follow this makeup tip from Mansi. “Apply a thin layer of concealer that matches your skin tone all around your natural lip line and slightly inside the edges of your lip. Once it has dried, move on to lipstick.” This works as a primer to remove any traces of pigmentation and prevents lipstick from bleeding outside.

6. Colour In The Lines

Red lipstick is unforgivable when it comes to application because it requires clean, precise application. Ideally, a red lip liner can be helpful as a starting step to first draw the natural lip line and fill it in. If you’re unsure about applying lipstick directly, a lip brush can give you more control over the colour. Word of advice though, don’t try this when you’re running late and sitting in the back of a cab.

7. Apply It

Now once you’ve taken all the precautions, here’s how Mansi advises red lipstick by applied properly – “First apply a layer of lip balm to your lips, leave it for two minutes and dab it off with tissue. Then use matching lip liner to line your natural lip shape and fill it in. Apply lipstick over this, dust a bit of translucent powder over it and finally, finish off with another coat of red lipstick.” Now you won’t need to shy away from red lipstick any longer.