We have all Sneezed in our Lives , Sneeze is Intended to release foreign damaging Particles. Irritants. Germs from our Nose

From young age we are taught that it is not Nice to sneeze in Theatre,Crowded areas As it may be a Bad Manner

Stopping a Sneeze poses risk of rupture of internal organs . If it is Suppressed it may lead to Build up of bacteria and Trigger an Asthma Attack

Don’t hold sneeze it could be detrimental, Recently a Person held his sneeze and had severe pain in his Throat, He went to Hospital where the diagnosis of Rupture of his Airway wasMade.

He had Air leak in his Neck / Chest. His scans showed Air Leakage He Was in hospital for a week,Luckily he did not Require Surgery

The Other Complications could be Perforated ear drums, Rupture of brain Aneurysm Ruptured blood vessels in eye,Damaged facial nerve

During a Sneeze the body generates Air Speed of 200 Km/ h. The Debris can go up to 25 feet Out. That is why if we hold it, that same intensity & pressure can do organ injury

To Avoid sneeze there are some basic maneuvers we can do Rub your nose , Breath heavily through your Nose, rub area above the lip


Holding fart may be Dangerous as well Farts are caused by trapped air swallowed while Drinking or chewing It is created By our Gut bacteria which are over 15 Trillion ,also there are several Digestive or Chemical Reactions in our intestine which makes up the fart

Fart is made up of several Gases

460% Nitrogen

420% Carbon Dioxide

47%. Methane 44%. Oxygen

41%. Hydrogen Sulphide

It is the Percentage of different gases which determine the Stink

When We Fart, It makes sound because of the vibration of the Rectum ( Lowest part of our Gut ) the Loudness is due to Tightness of the Anal Sphincter and the Pressure of gas behind it Certain foods Such as Bran,cabbage , broccoli ,beans Produce Excessive Gas / Farts Farts will Vary from person to person depending on their food they eat and the colonization of Lactobacillus in our intestines Many times a Cough or sneeze could let our Fart out.

Holding farts will cause heart burn , indigestion, Bloating, Abdominal Pain, Increase in our Heart Rate, increase in Blood Pressure, Nausea, vomiting and also Stress of trying to avoid it

If we suppress our Farts,the Gas is then absorbed by our intestine which then go to lungs to be cleared,which may cause bad breath

3)HOLDING. URINE Our Urinary Bladder is designed to hold certain amounts of Urine only When the bladder is full,Nerve Signal goes first to our spinal cord then brain,then we find A suitable place to pee

Our bladder can stretch but eventually we have to pass the urine Holding our urine for a Prolonged periods of time does pose health risk as well

The Chances of Having Urinary Tract Infections increases, in males it may lead to Benign Prostate Enlargement,it may also create Reflux,where the urine now goes Retrograde Back to the Kidneys,the nerve issues with bladder may cause a medical condition called Neurogenic bladder.

Of course there will be pain also the more we hold

In Closing, it is clear that our body is self functioning Auto Repair unit,We need to Respect it and when Natural bodily activities happens , it is unwise to Suppress them

would have done next with my wallet is anybody’s guess!


Dr. Pargat
Singh Bhurji

Consultant Pediatrician
Surrery BC