Platinum is the ultimate statement in luxury jewelry today. Whether you want to grab eyeballs at a society gathering or make an impression at a corporate do, timeless platinum jewelry is the perfect way to go. During any festive season, one looks forward to adding some bling to their outfit and the favourite part of festive shopping is the trip to the jewelry store to pick out some shiny new trinket. Platinum has always been the luxury metal of choice for wedding bands and trousseau gifts.

A wide variety of precious metals are used to create an array of jewelry and accessories. Traditionally gold has always been one of the most popular precious metals. However, due to strength, durability, rarity, and aesthetic taste platinum jewelry continues to increase in popularity after a surge in demand and popularity over the past 10 to 15 years. Platinum jewelry is one of the hottest trends and as the demand rises, so does the variety of styles and pieces offered by jewelers and jewelry designers. Many couples are choosing platinum for their engagement and wedding rings.

The light and lustrous metal is making waves as many brides turn to this white metal for an elegant look. Many youngsters are turning to rings made of platinum for their engagement and wedding. There is nothing like sealing your relationship with that special someone with rings that would never tarnish. Flaunting the white lustre for weddings and even for daily wear is now the latest fad among the people.

Wonderfully precious

Platinum is a supple, flexible, lustrous, silverwhite and a chemically inactive metal. No other jewelry metal is as long lasting and wonderfully precious with its understated elegance and beautiful design. Platinum is harder, heavier and more valuable than gold, when polished or matt finished with a solitaire it looks great. Platinum does not change shape or wear away so precious stones are held firmly and securely. Found in very few places around the world, platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. Hence platinum has a snob value like no other. As per market reports the demand of platinum and diamond Jewelry is very high this year. It is a wonderfully rare and wonderfully precious item that makes it desirable for the Richie rich. Platinum is also wonderful for people with sensitive skin as its hypoallergenic properties make it available to wear to anyone. Its ability not to tarnish makes it one of the world’s strongest jewelry products.

Light and lustrous metal With lightweight jewelry being the order of the day, the fashion conscious in the city has turned to the pristine metal to add sparkle to their attire. According to Platinum Guild International, sales of platinum have increased at the retail level and even remotely-located jewellers have shown interest in getting into the world of platinum. While earlier most of us admired the beautiful metal from afar, now we can catch the trend early and own a sensational piece of silvery-white jewelry for the years to come.

Inspire the designers

Platinum, a metal that is naturally white, does not tarnish over time and can withstand high pressure and temperature. As a result, it requires a skilled hand to craft a piece of platinum jewellery. Even though platinum is denser than other metals, it can be drawn into fine threads and can withstand high levels of tension, thereby giving the jewelry greater freedom in terms of design possibilities. Among the main advantages of platinum for jewelry fabrication are its strength and resistance to tarnish. It can be repeatedly heated and cooled without hardening and oxidation effects, while even the most slender sections of platinum permanently retain their shape, providing a secure setting for diamonds and giving jewelry designers a freedom of invention not always possible with other materials.