Does the song Satguru Nanak Teri Leela Nayari Hai echo in your mind and hit the cockles of your heart? Have you heard Tere nee karara mainu pattya myriad times? I know you already know to what I am referring to. Yeah, yeah… yeah.. Legendary Lal chand Yamla jatt’s name is rambling on the horizons of your mind. And vibrations galore in your heart.

He was accredited as an artist who arguably laid the foundation of contemporary folk music in East Punjab. It will not be out of place to mention that he was awarded the Gold Medal By Indian Prime minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1956 . In 1989 he was given a lifetime contribution awardby National Academy of Dance, Drama and Music New Delhi. He was also honored by President of India and then Chief minister Punjab.

History has the tendency of repeating itself for noble reasons when viewed on its positive side. And my joy knows no bounds as the legacy of this promoter doyen of Punjabi Folk Music, who popularized the soft strumming Tumbi and nearly killing turban wearing traditional style of undivided East Punjab, called “ Turla” is still alive and raring and roaring to find its place in Folk music to defeat Tukbandi[ below par poetry which has Rhyme but lacks meaning and feel. Yamla Jatt enthralled the audiences for four decades.

As I was preparing to have an interface with Vijay Yamla many thoughts were flashing in my mind as I was rummaging the Folk singing by his grand – father Yamla jatt till he breathed his last. While confabulating with Vijay ,27 year young Folk and Sufi Singer now active to find his moorings and currently on his 2nd visit to Surrey BC., I was entirely at ease about his knowledge of Punjabi Virsa, Folk Music and his command on Folk instruments namely, Tumbi, Dholki, Vanjhli, bugdu, flute, algoza (double flute) , harmonium and to cap it all he is a versatile Folk singer, instrument player, composer and lyrist.

Though at a tender age of 2 years and plus, he used to sit in the lap of his grand father practicing riyaaz[music practice, for honing of classical music vocal as well as instrument] and started liking it. With folk music running in his blood and other family members of Yamla Clan, it is normal and natural for him to have a passion for singing. True to his background and expectations, he proved to be a chip of the old block. He has performed successfully well in the last 13 years and has lost count of it.

Among the various successful compositions/renditions , he is proud of his Vaar on Sahibzada Ajit singhji and latest song released in 2016 “Sohnya “ also by him. He has recently played Folk Instruments ina forthcoming film of Bollywood Director Shyam Benegal. He is vociferously engaged in passing the Punjabi folk music to young generations in India at Punjabi University Patiala as well at Royal academy of Bhangra in surrey BC Canada.He has also performed in Coke Studio Bombay India with legendary Gurdas Mann by playing folk instruments.

He is great student of folk music. Having completed Bhasker degree in Tabla playing he is on the verge of completing MA vocal music. During this period he has won College Ratan Award, University Color and a Gold medal in National Youth festival for playing superbly Folk Instruments. He has also represented india in folk instrument in Delphic Games organized by Republic of South korea. If I do the SWOT analysis of this emerging talent, what I liked the most is he is highly qualified, immensely talented and heavily experienced. Having full command of the subject matter his craft is effortless and he is very cool, calm, composed and collected. With age on his side, his passion being his profession he is bound to serve the community for years to come.



Prof. Surinder
Kochhar (Shaun)

(A freelance writer with
36 Years Exp.)