My joy knew no bounds as I was on my way to engage in conversation with Dr. Avinash aka Avi Verma, promoter and Chairman of NMEC [North Shore Medical Education Center, Chicago, USA], who has been conferred upon an Honorary Doctorate by the Avalon University School of Medicine, one of the prestigious University in the Caribbean Islands. This was for his notable contribution in his field of medical education.

As I was rummaging through the crisp information about Dr. Verma beforehand, I was excited to walk the talk and share his happiness on this maiden lifetime achievement. After I settled for a spirited interaction, Dr. Verma informed that he landed in USA three decades ago for a better quality of life. He felt that the best way to predict his future is to create it.

Back home in India, born to a renowned educationist family of Principal B R Verma, he proved to be a chip of the old block. Like his reverend father and by dint of hard work, Dr. Verma began his professional career as an income tax lawyer in 1976 in India. His hardworking nature, coupled with his strong ethical behavior, made him one of the most sought after lawyers in Punjab.

Without wasting time, Dr. Verma kept on studying along with work and in 1991, found his niche in the finance business. After working for a small finance company, he ventured to open his own finance company. With hard work, honesty, dedication and courteous personal service he was extremely successful. For almost fifteen years Dr. Verma dedicated himself to bringing in honest and high quality financial services to his customers. It was his incurably optimistic thought process and a fair, firm, and flexible approach that helped him to find his moorings in time in USA.

His present flagship company NMEC’s mission statement is to help offshore medical students, with South Asian diaspora in particular, to get placed in various Universities to escalate up the rung further to complete their medical education, so they are better equipped to compete for Residency spots in North America in toto.

Within seven years, North Shore Medical Education has shown prosperity and growth, both in the quality of rotations, and the relationships with its partners. The company has shown continuous efforts to increase the quality of clinical rotations for Caribbean Medical Schools, and to give the students the better opportunity to receive residency in the US. With his indulgent guidance, the company has grown into the leading clinical rotation provider in the USA.

Constancy to purpose and honesty of commitment, combined with exuberant youth as his only asset and an ever supporting better-half, this humble devotee of Maa Jagdambe, went full throttle on Mission Possible, with a meager amount in his pocket and dreams in plenty.

“Like for every immigrant, it was a difficult game to be fought and won and that too on a foreign land with no expert guidance,” he hastened to add. During my confabulations- as he reminisced deep into his past – I found him lost in his good vis-à-vis bad moments of struggle and suddenly bounced back to join me with a firm tone exhibiting Mission Accomplished. Yeah, success favored a prepared mind.

To help one is what everybody to assure one’s survival. Then what is unique about this humble personality who believes in a re-tailored adage: “God helps those who help others”. Being a fervent devotee of Maa Jagdambe, he is blessed with a profession which is his passion as well – Helping Others. He further added that now is the time to pay back to the society and thereby help emerging medical students to pursue their dreams. All these aspiring young medical students need is a little help, guidance, hope and SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN THEM. Since he is singing from the same song sheet, students are getting well connected. Last year, Dr. Verma, along with his sons Dr. Ashish Ansal and Ankush Ansal, launched a new service to the patients in India to consult a Physician in USA for their medical issues via android and iphone app SUPERFYT. By dint of hard work his children also kept his dream alive as one of his sons is a Physician while others are successful in their own right.

“Hands that help are far greater than the lips that pray”, said Mother Teresa. But this individual has a rare blend of both. Apart from helping others he recites devotional songs of Maa Jagdambe penned by him and promotes such other artists from Indian diaspora. He is an amateur singer of devotional songs with over 6 albums under his belt.

In 2003 he launched a not for profit Devotional TV show JAGRAN TV to cater to the long awaited devotional needs of Indian Community, unable to go to the temples due to lack of resources and time, being new. The event was well covered by local print media viz. Chicago Tribune. Dr. Verma is a well known devotee of Maa Durga in USA. He holds and performs Maa Durga Jagran and Chowkis on regular basis at no charge. He has released many Mata Bhajan audio and video CD’s, which can be viewed on his channel Jagran Tv Chicago on you tube Numerous, not-for-profit organizations that Dr. Verma is a part of, aim to provide resources to underprivileged areas around the world.

There is a woman behind every successful man, as they say, and in this case, it appears his spouse Mrs. Neelam Verma, motivated him in various shades of the difficult game called LIFE, and played her role very well.

Really, God helps those who help others. Hopefully, God blesses him with good health and eventfulness in the years to come.


Surinder Shaun

Kochhar LPN, FCN